ICATH Point People

A. Canelli                                                  206-424-4604            Seattle

Eli Ogburn                                                 919-599-2813         Durham, North Carolina

Calvin Burnap                               206-395-5324         Seattle

Nathan Levitt                                 917-202-0741         New York City

Ing Swenson                                 773-949-8471          ChicagoMara Collins                                 678-918-4118          Atlanta

Listed above are ICATH point people. For information about ICATH, including advocacy, local resources, and training and education for practitioners, please contact your nearest point person.  As always, ICATH is a model to share with providers and people who are transgender, intersex and gender non-conforming.

Note to Physicians/Medical Providers:

  • Informed Consent for access to gender confirming healthcare may be used with all consumers without the assistance of ICATH.
  • Informed Consent requires a detailed discussion with the patient/client in which you discuss the benefits and risks of treatment. For more information about these potential impacts, please see the Links section below.  All treatment for minors requires parental/guardian consent. 
  • The only absolute medical contraindication to initiating or maintaining hormone replacement therapy is an estrogen- or testosterone-sensitive cancer. Other conditions should not preclude treatment in the setting of informed consent. For more information about this, please see the Links listed below.
  • If you are a provider who wishes to engage in ICATH and interact with this collaboration of practitioners, please link to this website! For forms to support your use of ICATH, please download from the Forms section available below.
  • For other information, please visit the FAQ page.


TransLifeLine.org This telephone line is primarily for transgender people experiencing a crisis US: (877) 565-8860

For Providers/Allies:

For Trans* People and SOFFA's (significant others, friends, families, allies)

There are many ways to support the use of ICATH and promote Trans-affirmative care

  • Talk about it. Share this website. 

  • Ask YOUR healthcare provider if they are aware of the Informed Consent model. Talk to them about it. Ask them to consider collaborating as a provider. 

  • Recommend an ICATH training to those who want to learn more